more pink then allowed, harmony reigns is missing the pre smartphone age

harmony reigns #1 harmony reigns #2 harmony reigns #3


harmony reigns #5 harmony reigns #6

what is the world coming to. Harmony reigns grew up in a world before their were smartphones and tablets and all that crap. When guys still had their eyes on the street and noticed a stunning bombshell like her. She barely couldnt walk along main street without beeing noticed and nowadays guys are starring mostly into their small screens and ignoring the huge goods that the lord gave to her. But after all she isnt a denier of modern technologies, she noticed she can find a direct way into the screens of the male society posting sweet teasting picture sof her huge decoltee, that way she get noticed too but after all she prefers the old school way having direct eye contact on the streets. Thats impulisive and may leed to unkown adventures.

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