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Carmen has a lot of fun . Our busty bikini-babe Carmen found someone nice in the locker room and went immediately back to the pool with her new best friend. With her red hairs is teasing child play and with her D-cups is jingling on a new level. Her new friend isn’t flat breasted neither and both rubbing these wet fancy bodies on each other , just looking for some leisure. Both young tight pussies are nicely shaved and juicy , ready to play with some toys. After bit of cunnilingus its time to get out the big guns. And there goes the vibrations. Stimulating massages with tongue anddildo are making young Carmen come in a minute . First she’s spreading her legs just as requested and then contracting them like a wrench . Not to forget that she squeezed her young hard nipples and byted on it a couple of times. She will now gratefully give that pleasure to the other hottie and let her explode just as she did.

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